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Richard Cornall

Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine and Head of Department

Michael Dustin

Kennedy Trust Professor of Molecular Immunology

Tim Elliott

Kidani Professor of Immuno-Oncology

Ricardo Fernandes

COI Group Leader

Roman Fischer

Associate Professor and Head of Discovery Proteomics Facility

Sarah Gilbert

Said Professorship of Vaccinology (DBE)

Douglas Higgs

Emeritus Professor

Ling-Pei Ho

Professor of Respiratory Immunology

Peter Horby

Moh Family Foundation Professor of Emerging Infections and Global Health

E. Yvonne Jones

The Sir Andrew McMichael Professor of Structural Immunology

Benedikt Kessler

Professor of Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry

Julian Knight

Professor of Genomic Medicine

Xin Lu

Professor of Cancer Biology

Jane McKeating

Professor of Molecular Virology

Andrew McMichael

Professor of Molecular Medicine

Graham Ogg

Professor of Dermatology

David Paterson

Head of Department

Bethan Psaila

Associate Professor of Haematology

Najib Rahman

Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Gavin Screaton

Head of Medical Sciences Division

Alison Simmons

Director of the MRC Human Immunology Unit

David Stuart

Professor of Structural Biology

Teresa Lambe

Professor of Vaccinology & Immunology, Calleva Head of Vaccine Immunology

Alain Townsend

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Immunology

Clare Verrill

Associate Professor

Peijun Zhang

Professor of Structural Biology and WELLCOME TRUST INVESTIGATOR