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We are pleased to offer the full suite of NanoString platforms, designed to facilitate transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of cells and tissues. 

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Individual platform capabilities are summarised below:


nCounterUses fluorescence-reporter based hybridisation to quantify RNA transcripts within a sample. Capable of detecting levels of expression of up to 800 genes in multiplex, using commercially available or custom-designed panels. 

The platform benefits from a rapid turnaround time (RNA to results within 24 hours) and ability to analyse up to 12 samples per cartridge (and 6 cartridges per run). Downstream analysis can be undertaken using NanoString proprietary software, ROSALIND cloud-based analysis (access to this is included with NanoSring probesets) or using R/Python.

Find out more about the platform here.



GeoMXThe GeoMx DSP platform combines immunofluorescence with multiplex gene or protein expression analysis in order to provide highly detailed information about networks in tissue sections.

Immunofluorescence is used to identify regions or cell populations of interest on formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE), tissue microarray (TMA) or fresh frozen sections. Areas chosen can then be interrogated in depth - depending on the tissue and probeset used, up to 21,000 genes or 100 proteins can be quantified within defined regions or cell populations. Off-the-shelf and custom panels are available. Downstream deconvolution of probesets is undertaken using the nCounter platform or next-generation sequencing.

Find out more about the platform here.



CosMxThe CosMX SMI platform offers proteomic (up to 100 targets) or transcriptomic (up to 1000 genes) analysis across an entire FFPE, TMA or fresh frozen section at single-cell (and even subcellular) resolution. Both off-the-shelf and custom panels are available.

Find out more about the platform here.