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The CAMS-Oxford Institute offers Career Development Fellowships to Postdocs looking for support to become independent group leaders.

What is a career development fellowship?

A career development fellowship provides a key stepping stone in the progression from a postdoctoral position to an independent group leader. You will be expected to create a thriving research team through the supervision of students & staff, produce high quality outputs and positively contribute to the CAMS-Oxford Institute community while you gain experience and confidence of being a group leader. Within this position you will be supported and mentored by a senior affiliate member of the COI. 

What do you get from COI as a career development fellow?

COI is committed to providing our career development fellows (CDFs) with:

  • Space and facilities with access to our core scientific platforms
  • DPhil Student supervision experience 
  • Support in all aspects of the grant application process
  • A project budget and support in the management of the finances
  • Administrative support for the effective running of your group
  • Funding for leadership training


Open positions for Career Development Fellows will be advertised through the University Jobs website as well as on our vacancies page. If you have any questions, please contact

Current COI Career Development Fellows

- Matt Bottomley

- Nick Kanellakis

Adán Pinto-Fernández

- Yi-Ling Chen

- Pablo Cespedes

- Peter Wing

- Isabela Pedroza-Pacheco

- Pramila Rijal

- Jack Tan