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Novel processing enzyme for ISG15 discovered


Researchers from the CAMS Oxford Institute and NDM Target Discovery Unit, including Prof. Benedikt Kessler and Dr. Adán Pinto-Fernández, have collaborated with the team of Dr. Paul Geurink and Dr. Aysegul Sapmaz from Leiden University to investigate an important interferon-stimulated gene, ISG15.

Mapping proteins in brain tumours to help understand cancer


A group of researchers led by Dr Roman Fischer at NDM’s Target Discovery Institute, Centre for Medicines Discovery (CMD) and CAMS Oxford Institute Principal Investigator has developed a method to study proteins in human tumours by creating detailed maps that show how much of each protein is present in different parts of the tissue.

Single cell spatial analysis provides new insight into immune-pathology in COVID-19 lungs


A Nature Communications study led by Professor Ling-Pei Ho’s group provides new insights into how immune cells interact in the lungs of patients with severe COVID-19.

Cutting through the fat to understand how lipids influence immune responses


An international team of scientists, including CAMS Oxford Institute group leaders Prof. Graham Ogg & Dr Yi-Ling Chen, have developed a method for simultaneously detecting thousands of lipid molecules that are displayed to T cells in the human immune system.

Christina Heroven awarded Early Career Fellowship by Wellcome Trust


COI Postdoctoral scientist Dr Christina Heroven has been awarded a competitive Early Career Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust, providing funding for five years to support her career progression.

Beijing CDC Delegation Visits CAMS Oxford Institute


Across Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September 2023, a delegation from the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Beijing CDC) visited the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Oxford Institute (COI), NDM, University of Oxford.

Inaugural CAMS PUMC – Oxford Summer School in Beijing encourages the next generation of researchers to speak out


CAMS PUMC – Oxford Summer School in Beijing exposes next generation of Chinese researchers to a more active and informal method of teaching.

Impact of Ling’s legacy on CAMS Oxford Institute Researchers


One year on from the launch of the Ling Felce Award for the training of researchers in Oxford, we reflect on the impact of the award and the generosity of our donors.

Fighting Back Against Viral Evasion of Host Defences

In new research, published in Nature, Professor Geoffrey L Smith and team identify a mechanism by which poxviruses evade host immune defences, opening up new avenues for therapies using existing licensed drugs.

Tao Dong appointed the Brigitte (Ita) Askonas Professor of Translational Immunology


With effect from 1st May 2023, Professor Tao Dong, has been appointed the Brigitte (Ita) Askonas Professor of Translational Immunology.

New CAMS Oxford Institute Principal Investigator, Professor Catherine Wong, visits Oxford


On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July 2023, Professor Catherine Wong from Peking Union Medical College Hospital visited Oxford University for the first time as a CAMS Oxford Institute Principal Investigator.

Taking the non-classical route in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 infection

Researchers from across the Nuffield Department of Medicine, including many from the CAMS-Oxford Institute, have published a new article in Science Immunology investigating the role of HLA-E-restricted SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells.

Chinese Ministry of Education representatives visit CAMS Oxford Institute


A delegation from the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the People's Republic of China visited the University of Oxford and was hosted at the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM) by Professor Tao Dong, Ita Askonas Professor of Translational Immunology and Director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Oxford Institute (COI).

CAMS-Oxford Institute Network Conference gives a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of COI to-date

COI Events Lead

CAMS-Oxford Institute Network (COIN) members descended upon the city of Chengdu, in the Sichuan province of China, for the return of the annual COIN Conference across 1st-3rd June 2023.

New Research Opens Fresh Avenues for Cancer Therapeutics


Latest research by Biochemistry & CAMS-Oxford Institute researchers has uncovered at the molecular level how BIRC6 (a giant ubiquitin ligase) keeps cells alive.

COVID-19 Impact Report


The CAMS-Oxford Institute (COI) has funded 12 COVID-19 projects aiming to understand immune responses to COVID-19, contributing nearly 100 published research articles to the field. Read about the impact the COI has had on our understanding of COVID-19 pathology and immunology.

CSC Student Forum: Conversation with COI Director Prof. Tao Dong

COI Events

The CSC student Forum with COI director Prof. Tao Dong was held on 14th December 2022, in the meeting room of the CAMS-Oxford Institute.

CAMS-Oxford Joint Symposium: Population Medicine & Public Health

CAMS-Oxford Joint Symposiums Seminars

On 12th December 2022, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-Oxford University Joint Symposium on ‘Population Medicine & Public Health’ was held online.

1st COI Researcher Network Meeting

COI Events

The first COI Researcher Network meeting was held at Malmaison Hotel, Oxford, on Tuesday 29th November 2022.

CAMS-Oxford Institute contributes to new UK research consortium to tackle monkeypox outbreak


Investigation of the T cell responses against monkeypox virus will be led by Prof. Tao Dong at the CAMS-Oxford Institute and MRC Human Immunology Unit.

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