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The CSC student Forum with COI director Prof. Tao Dong was held on 14th December 2022, in the meeting room of the CAMS-Oxford Institute.

The forum aimed to provide an opportunity for some of our COI DPhil students, specifically those on a Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) funded DPhil program, to share their academic progress, discuss their experiences in Oxford and voice any concerns they have. It was also an opportunity to suggest improvements for the integration of students from China into Oxford life.

The event was attended by Prof. Tao Dong, Dr. Yanchun Peng & Dr. Beibei Wang. In the opening remarks, Prof. Tao Dong began by warmly welcoming everyone to the forum before sharing her own experiences of studying in Oxford. With great delight, she briefly introduced the future directions of COI, as well as the COI-CSC Scholarship and postdoctoral opportunities.

This was followed by a Q&A session and wrapped up with Tao’s closing remarks, in which she encouraged COI students to make full use of the COI platform to polish their skills and promised that COI will always aim at enhancing the student experience and learning journey at Oxford University.

Written by Tian Hu, Xu Liu, Haopeng Xu Zhu Liang