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On 12th December 2022, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-Oxford University Joint Symposium on ‘Population Medicine & Public Health’ was held online.

Over 5,200 people joined the online webinar to hear from the four distinguished speakers: Sir Muir Gray and Dr Anant Jani, from University of Oxford; and Prof. Luzhao Feng and Prof. Binglong Wang from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC). All speakers shared their latest research progress and exchanged ideas on the theme of group medicine and public health. The meeting was presided over by CAMS Vice President Wang Jianwei, with additional support from Prof. Tao Dong, CAMS President Chen Wang and CAMS Prof. Ruitai Shao.


Chen Wang


President Chen Wang delivered the opening speech stating that the CAMS Oxford Institute (COI) is a highlight of the cooperation between CAMS and the University of Oxford, and it is also an important platform for Sino-British medical science and technology exchanges. With the theme of "group medicine and public health", the conference opened a new journey for the two sides to deepen exchanges, strengthen cooperation, and jointly respond to global health crises. To this end, President Wang hopes that the two sides and academic colleagues from all walks of life can continue to uphold the spirit of pragmatic cooperation, adhere to the concept of "human-centred" medicine, effectively promote multi-disciplinary and multi-departmental collaboration, establish the concept of group medicine, and contribute to scientific evidence to promote the joint construction of a human health community.


Sir Muir Gray shared the application and practice of the concept and method of group medicine in the current medical and health reform with the topic of "the third medical reform". Professor Luzhao Feng shared his work on "Interaction between Influenza and COVID-19". Dr Jani discussed how to maximize the medical value of the population and society with the topic of "Does Precision Medicine Destroy Value or Create Value?" Based on 50 years of bibliometric analysis, Distinguished Professor Binglong Wang shared the status and evolution of healthcare leadership research.


Symposiums 22


The large attendance to the event shows that conversations around this theme are needed. Hopefully, this event is just the start of many exciting collaborations and research projects. The objective of these joint symposiums is to explore opportunities for close collaboration between CAMS and Oxford. The meeting aims to promote high-level academic exchanges between China and UK and shares latest achievements in the study of medical sciences and immunology.


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