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On the morning of 29th June 2021, the symposium “CAMS Oxford Joint Symposium- Clinical Medicine Research Without Borders” was held online, jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and CAMS-Oxford Institute (COI), and was attended by 1300 participants including Principal Investigators, researchers and students from Oxford and CAMS.

The symposium was co-hosted by Professor Tao Dong, director (Oxford) of COI, and Vice President of CAMS Jianwei Wang. 

 Screenshot of COI symposium in progress showing the speakers


As the first CAMS-COI symposium of 2021, the theme of this conference focuses on not only COVID-19, but also gastro-intestinal disease, respiratory disease and obesity, and explores the pathogenesis of diseases at the molecular and cellular level.

In part of COVID-19 session, Professor Peter Horby, Director of the Pandemic Sciences Centre at the University of Oxford and Member of SAGE, shared the latest progress in the research of large-scale COVID clinical trials, with the title of “RECOVERY: The design and impact of a large-scale platform trial”. This was followed by talk from Dr. Wei Cao, Vice director of Department of Infectious Disease in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, entitled as “A physician’s opinion on the clinical characteristics and treatment of COVID-19: observations from bedside”.

 Screenshot of COI symposium in progress showing the speakers


The theme of Session 2 was about relationship of genetics, microbiota and diseases. Professor and HIU Director Alison Simmons gave a talk as “Cellular anatomy of the human intestine in space and time”, followed by Professor Jingnan Li, Vice-director of Dept. Gastroenterology in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, who shared his research about “The Effects of Gut microbiota in Carcinogenesis of Ulcerative Colitis”. Professor Cecilia Lindgren is Director of the Big Data Institute (BDI), she gave us a talk entitled “Genetics providing a blueprint for biological underpinnings of common complex obesity”. The last talk came from Professor Lei Gao who is from the Institute of Pathogen Biology of CAMS, and he presented a talk “Short-course regimen for latent tuberculosis infection treatment: a randomized controlled intervention study”.

 Screenshot of COI symposium in progress showing the speakers


The objective of this symposium is to explore opportunities for close collaboration between CAMS and Oxford. The meeting aims to promote high-level academic exchanges between China and UK, and shares latest achievements in the study of medical sciences and immunology.