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The Chinese Scholarship Council, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College and the University of Oxford collaborate together for a programme of scholarship cooperation. The programme is called the CSC-CAMS/PUMC Oxford High-level Innovative Talent Scholarships.



scientist looking into microscopeThe scholarships shall be available to students of the “Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College” who are enrolled there on an MD level course. Scholarships will be awarded annually. There will be up to ten (10) scholarships offered in each academic year. A scholarship will cover in full the tuition, bench fee, college fee, research expenses, a return airfare to the UK by the most economical route, and a stipend commensurate to the University’s Medical Sciences Division recommended rate for living expenses. The CSC will be responsible for paying the tuition, the college fee, the return airfares and the stipend; and the cost of such tuition, college fee, the return airfares and the stipend shall count towards the CSC’s contribution to the Programme. The CAMS/PUMC will be responsible for the bench fee; and the cost of such bench fee shall count towards the CAMS/PUMC contribution to the programme.

Influence and Impact

100.jpegWith support from the CSC, CAMS/PUMC, which leads the eight year curriculum education in China, and the University, which has the world-class research capacity and impact in medical education, share their featured resources with the participants. The main purpose of the programme is to train participants into critical thinkers, academic coordinators and international medical scientists. The participants will be receiving innovative and interdisciplinary medical education that spans clinical training and scientific research through a novel and personalized approach.