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Delegates from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Embassy visited the CAMS Oxford Institute in December 2019.

Members from COI and the Ministry of Science standing in the COI office corridor

The Deputy Director General Zhao Jing, from the Department of International Cooperation along with Director Shi Ling and Zhang Lengyang, Programme Officer, from the Division of European Affairs at the Ministry of Science and Technology visited the CAMS Oxford Institute on 20th December 2019 to discuss its development and progress. They were accompanied by Minister Counsellor Jiang Sunan, First Secretary Ge Tan and First Secretary Huang He from the Chinese Embassy.

Darren Nash gave an update on the progress of the CAMS Oxford Institute, which was followed by tours of the labs and University College.

Members of COI and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)


Members of COI and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)