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On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July 2023, Professor Catherine Wong from Peking Union Medical College Hospital visited Oxford University for the first time as a CAMS Oxford Institute Principal Investigator.

  Professor Catherine Wong met with Professor Richard Cornall  

 Professor Wong recently joined the CAMS Oxford Institute (COI) as one of our Chinese PrincipalCWtalk002.jpg Investigators.Her research interests lie mainly on the development of cutting-edge mass spectrometry-based proteomic technologies, including Single Cell Proteomics (SCP), 4D-DIA high-throughput technology based on Trapped Ion Mobility-TOF MS, novel methods on protein glycosylation identifications, and new protein database search algorithms. She gave us an overview of her findings in these areas during her COI Seminar.

During her visit she also met with several other COI Principal Investigators including Prof. Richard Cornall, Prof. Roman Fischer, Dr Ricardo Fernandes and our COI Career Development Fellows to discuss potential collaborations. Following a meeting with COI Co-Director, Prof. Tao Dong, Tao commented “It is exciting to have Catherine join COI and there is huge potential for future collaborations. We look forward to welcoming Catherine back to Oxford soon.”

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