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A new bioinformatics suite, named in memory of Dr Ling Felce, was officially opened at the CAMS-Oxford Institute (COI) during a ceremony in her honour last month.


Photo frame with a picture of Dr Ling Felce and some text


Table with flowers and a memory book on, with balloons either side

On Thursday 29th September 2022, family, friends, and colleagues of Dr Ling Felce gathered at the CAMS-Oxford Institute (COI) for a memorial event. Dr Ling Felce was tragically killed while on her bicycle at The Plain roundabout on 1st March 2022. Prior to this, Ling was a senior bioinformatician within COI, looking forward to moving to the new building and continuing to establish analysis platforms for the whole unit. Despite only being a member of the unit for 18 months, Ling’s impact is still felt through both her hard work and her patience in training and mentoring students and colleagues.

In memory of Ling, the new bioinformatics suite has been named in her honour. The suite was officially opened by Ling’s husband and children and will house two bioinformaticians within the unit. Outside of the suite, a photo of Ling explains why the room is named after her: “Dedicated to the memory of Ling who, even in her abbreviated time in the CAMS-Oxford Institute, contributed greatly to both current research projects and in establishing our Bioinformatics platform. Her hard work and dedication were a testament to the kind-hearted, delightful, and intelligent woman that she was.”

Ling Felce Bioinformatics SuiteThe memorial event, while tinged with sadness, was an opportunity to come together and celebrate the legacy now secured in Ling’s name. In addition to the naming of the suite, the Ling Felce Award has been established to sponsor students to attend the Oxford Biomedical Data Science Training Programme at the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (MRC WIMM).

Ling attended this course and was able to switch from lab work to bioinformatics due to the skills she learnt there. COI is committed to funding two students per year to attend the course. To donate please follow this link.

Ling’s contributions to our bioinformatics analysis platforms will be invaluable for years to come. This is why I felt it was important to honour Ling in some way. The Ling Felce award will allow other researchers to follow in her footsteps. Naming the suite after Ling, will ensure that we remember and honour her memory for years to come, securing her legacy.
- Professor Tao Dong