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The CAMS Oxford Institute has prioritised funding support in response to the current crisis caused by nCoV 2019, supporting positive actions taken by the Medical Sciences Divisions and University of Oxford.

image of a virus

Projects include:

  • Studies on the structural biology of the new virus led by David Stuart and Yvonne Jones, which will be important to evaluate the Vaccine and drug efficacy
  • Studies on the protective immune responses in patients led by Tao Dong; Production of humanised monoclonal antibodies led by Gavin Screaton, Juthathip Mongkolsapaya, Alain Townsend and Pramila Rijal which we hope will be therapeutic and also inform vaccine design
  • Vaccine design with novel reagents developed in Oxford led by Alain Townsend and Pramila Rijal
  • Understand the nature and drives of disease severity in Novel Coronavirus led by Julian Knight and Jianwei Wang
  • Identification of correlates of protection of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 against COVID -19 led by Teresa Lambe and Sarah Gilbert in collaboration with Tao Dong and Yonghong Zhang to mapping the human immune responses post-vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, in comparison with naturally infected individuals.

The COI will also act as a central hub to facilitate collaborations between Oxford and China supported by Oxford Medical Science Division and to provide help and support in the area of epidemiology, designing clinical trials, working on the structural biology of the new virus in addition to above mentioned project.

Further details are available here.


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