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In June 2023, several members of the CAMS-Oxford Institute (COI) travelled to Chengdu, in the Western part of China for the annual COIN conference. Among them were three of our researchers who share their experience here.

Maya Pidoux, 2nd Year DPhil student with Prof. Tao Dong

Maya Pidoux presenting her 3 minute flash talk

The COI conference provided an amazing opportunity for us to visit China for the first time. The conference was a great experience – it was exciting to hear all about research being carried out by our Chinese colleagues, as well as other researchers from the University of Oxford. I particularly enjoyed the conference session on emerging viruses and vaccines. Being able to socialise with other researchers in the evenings, while getting to try lots of amazing (and spicy!) food, was also great.

I really enjoyed exploring Chengdu and the surrounding area. One of my favourite places I visited was People’s Park in the centre of Chengdu – it was a lively social hub of the city, there were people dancing, meeting to play cards and drinking tea. Seeing the Panda’s in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda breeding was another highlight of the trip. 

Delaney Dominey-Foy, 3rd Year DPhil student with Prof. Tao Dong

Delaney DFHaving the opportunity to travel to China during my DPhil for the COIN Conference and present my research was unparalleled. I am particularly appreciative of this opportunity to receive feedback and direction from the leaders in our field in a relaxed and constructive setting. It was a hugely enjoyable experience to meet and talk with our Chinese colleagues in person and hear about all the fantastic research being carried out by Chinese and Oxford colleagues in the Cancer Immunology sessions of the conference. 

This was my first-time visiting China, and it was a fantastic experience. We were immediately immersed into Chinese culture, and everyone I met made me feel welcomed from the very beginning. Alongside the conference, we visited the Wuhou temple, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda breeding facility in Chengdu, and local restaurants; I found this was a great chance to see some of the local culture and experience the local cuisine.

Christina Heroven, Postdoctoral Scientist with Dr Ricardo Fernandes

Christina HerovenIn June 2023, I had the opportunity to join the CAMS Oxford Institute Network (COIN) conference in Chengdu. From beginning to end, it was a fantastic experience. We had the chance to share our research during poster sessions and flash talks, which allowed us to discuss results, learn about new techniques and expand our knowledge on immunology in the context of cancer and infectious diseases. I learned about exciting new insights presented by colleagues based in China and in Oxford, and we got a glimpse of the impressive array of methods currently employed across the CAMS Network.



A selection of photos from the COIN Conference in Chengdu. A selection of photos from the COIN Conference in Chengdu.