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Publications for all Oxford Principal Investigators within the CAMS Oxford Institute are included here, please use the search functions for publications related to specific Principal Investigators.

DOCK8 is critical for the survival and function of NKT cells

Journal article

Crawford G. et al, (2013), Blood, 122, 2052 - 2061

Polyethyleneimine is a potent mucosal adjuvant for viral glycoprotein antigens.

Journal article

Wegmann F. et al, (2012), Nat Biotechnol, 30, 883 - 888

Preliminary Assessment of the Efficacy of a T-Cell–Based Influenza Vaccine, MVA-NP+M1, in Humans

Journal article

Lillie PJ. et al, (2012), Clinical Infectious Diseases, 55, 19 - 25

DOCK8 is essential for T-cell survival and the maintenance of CD8+ T-cell memory

Journal article

Lambe T. et al, (2011), European Journal of Immunology, 41, 3423 - 3435

DOCK8 deficiency impairs CD8 T cell survival and function in humans and mice

Journal article

Randall KL. et al, (2011), The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 208, 2305 - 2320

Immunodeficiency and Abnormal B Cell Synapse Formation due to DOCK8 Mutations in Mice

Conference paper

Randall K. et al, (2010), Clinical Immunology, 135, S17 - S17

The Essential Role of DOCK8 in Humoral Immunity

Journal article

Randall KL. et al, (2010), Disease Markers, 29, 141 - 150

Dock8 mutations cripple B cell immunological synapses, germinal centers and long-lived antibody production

Journal article

Randall KL. et al, (2009), Nature Immunology, 10, 1283 - 1291

Themis is a member of a new metazoan gene family and is required for the completion of thymocyte positive selection

Journal article

Johnson AL. et al, (2009), Nature Immunology, 10, 831 - 839

Identification of a Steap3 endosomal targeting motif essential for normal iron metabolism

Journal article

Lambe T. et al, (2009), Blood, 113, 1805 - 1808

Immune privilege or privileged immunity?

Journal article

Forrester JV. et al, (2008), Mucosal Immunology, 1, 372 - 381

Commmentary 7

Journal article

Lambe T. and Cornall RJ., (2008), Experimental Dermatology, 17, 157 - 158

Vitiligo pathogenesis: autoimmune disease, genetic defect, excessive reactive oxygen species, calcium imbalance, or what else?

Journal article

Ralf Paus L. et al, (2008), Experimental Dermatology, 17, 139 - 160

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