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Publications for all Oxford Principal Investigators within the CAMS Oxford Institute are included here, please use the search functions for publications related to specific Principal Investigators.

Vaccine-induced CD8+ T cells are key to protection from SARS-CoV-2.

Journal article

Antoun E. et al, (2023), Nature immunology

Group A Streptococcus induces CD1a-autoreactive T cells and promotes psoriatic inflammation.

Journal article

Chen Y-L. et al, (2023), Science immunology, 8

The Biological Role of Pleural Fluid PAI-1 and Sonographic Septations in Pleural Infection: Analysis of a Prospectively Collected Clinical Outcome Study

Journal article

Bedawi EO. et al, (2023), American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 207, 731 - 739

T cells are ready for the fight against monkeypox.

Journal article

Wellington D. and Dong T., (2022), Cell host & microbe, 30, 1653 - 1654

Malignant pleural effusion: Updates in diagnosis, management and current challenges

Journal article

Addala DN. et al, (2022), Frontiers in Oncology, 12

Molecular Basis for the Recognition of HIV Nef138-8 Epitope by a Pair of Human Public T Cell Receptors

Journal article

Ma K. et al, (2022), The Journal of Immunology, 209, 1652 - 1661

IFITM3 restricts virus-induced inflammatory cytokine production by limiting Nogo-B mediated TLR responses

Journal article

Clement M. et al, (2022), Nature Communications, 13

COVID-19 trajectories among 57 million adults in England: a cohort study using electronic health records

Journal article

Thygesen JH. et al, (2022), The Lancet Digital Health, 4, e542 - e557

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