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Publications for all Oxford Principal Investigators within the CAMS Oxford Institute are included here, please use the search functions for publications related to specific Principal Investigators.

Antibody testing for COVID-19: A report from the National COVID Scientific Advisory Panel

Journal article

Adams ER. et al, (2020), Wellcome Open Research, 5, 139 - 139

An ontogenetic switch drives the positive and negative selection of B cells

Journal article

Xu X. et al, (2020), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117, 3718 - 3727

An essential role for the Zn2+ transporter ZIP7 in B cell development

Journal article

Anzilotti C. et al, (2019), Nature Immunology, 20, 350 - 361

Immune Checkpoints as Therapeutic Targets in Autoimmunity

Journal article

Paluch C. et al, (2018), Frontiers in Immunology, 9

53BP1 cooperation with the REV7–shieldin complex underpins DNA structure-specific NHEJ

Journal article

Ghezraoui H. et al, (2018), Nature, 560, 122 - 127

Capturing resting T cells: the perils of PLL

Journal article

Santos AM. et al, (2018), Nature Immunology, 19, 203 - 205

NOX1 loss-of-function genetic variants in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Journal article

Schwerd T. et al, (2018), Mucosal Immunology, 11, 562 - 574

B1a B cells require autophagy for metabolic homeostasis and self-renewal

Journal article

Clarke AJ. et al, (2018), Journal of Experimental Medicine, 215, 399 - 413

Mammalian γ2 AMPK regulates intrinsic heart rate

Journal article

Yavari A. et al, (2017), Nature Communications, 8

THEMIS: Two Models, Different Thresholds

Journal article

Choi S. et al, (2017), Trends in Immunology, 38, 622 - 632

Themis2: setting the threshold for B-cell selection

Journal article

Deobagkar-Lele M. et al, (2017), Cellular & Molecular Immunology, 14, 643 - 645

Themis2 lowers the threshold for B cell activation during positive selection

Journal article

Cheng D. et al, (2017), Nature Immunology, 18, 205 - 213

A dominant-negative mutation in TNFR1 results in increased susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis infection


Saunders BM. et al, (2016), EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 46, 765 - 765

Mutation of Fnip1 is associated with B-cell deficiency, cardiomyopathy, and elevated AMPK activity

Journal article

Siggs OM. et al, (2016), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113, E3706 - E3715

Complex Genetic Control of Autoimmune Disease


Bull K. and Cornall R., (2016), Encyclopedia of Immunobiology, 133 - 141

Mutation of the ER retention receptor KDELR1 leads to cell-intrinsic lymphopenia and a failure to control chronic viral infection

Journal article

Siggs OM. et al, (2015), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, E5706 - E5714

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