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Publications for all Oxford Principal Investigators within the CAMS Oxford Institute are included here, please use the search functions for publications related to specific Principal Investigators.

British Thoracic Society Guideline for pleural disease.

Journal article

Roberts ME. et al, (2023), Thorax

COVID-19-Related Pleural Diseases.

Journal article

Iqbal B. et al, (2023), Seminars in respiratory and critical care medicine, 44, 437 - 446

British Thoracic Society Clinical Statement on pleural procedures.

Journal article

Asciak R. et al, (2023), Thorax, 78, s43 - s68

British Thoracic Society Guideline for pleural disease

Journal article

Roberts ME. et al, (2023), Thorax, 78, s1 - s42

Evidence-based training and certification: the ERS thoracic ultrasound training programme.

Journal article

Pietersen PI. et al, (2023), Breathe (Sheffield, England), 19

Improving Prognostication in Empyema: Is Computed Tomography the Answer?

Journal article

Addala DN. and Rahman NM., (2023), Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 20, 790 - 791

Aspirating Pneumothorax - Clearing the Air or Muddying the Water?

Journal article

Hallifax RJ. et al, (2023), American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine

Caring for indwelling pleural catheters: self-management vs district nursing care

Conference paper

George V. et al, (2022), EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, 60

Molecular profiling in Pleural Biopsies

Conference paper

Sundaralingam A. et al, (2022), EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL, 60

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