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Publications for all Oxford Principal Investigators within the CAMS Oxford Institute are included here, please use the search functions for publications related to specific Principal Investigators.

Engineering the future of 3D pathology.

Journal article

Liu JT. et al, (2023), J Pathol Clin Res

Genomic Evolution and Transcriptional Changes in the Evolution of Prostate Cancer into Neuroendocrine and Ductal Carcinoma Types

Journal article

Rao SR. et al, (2023), International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24, 12722 - 12722

Self-Maintaining CD103+ Cancer-Specific T Cells Are Highly Energetic with Rapid Cytotoxic and Effector Responses

Journal article

Abd Hamid M. et al, (2020), Cancer Immunology Research, 8, 203 - 216

Enriched HLA-E and CD94/NKG2A Interaction Limits Antitumor CD8+ Tumor-Infiltrating T Lymphocyte Responses

Journal article

Abd Hamid M. et al, (2019), Cancer Immunology Research, 7, 1293 - 1306

Altered expression of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition proteins in extraprostatic prostate cancer.

Journal article

Verrill C. et al, (2016), Oncotarget, 7, 1107 - 1119

Nuclear iASPP may facilitate prostate cancer progression.

Journal article

Morris EV. et al, (2014), Cell death & disease, 5, e1492 - e1492