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Foot-and-mouth disease viruses from serotypes O, A and C have been crystallized. The particular strains studied include O1K, A10(61), A22 Iraq 24/64, A24 Cruzeiro and C-S8c1. In addition, crystals have been grown of G67, a monoclonal antibody neutralization escape mutant derived from O1K, and of virus R100, recovered after the establishment of a persistent infection in baby hamster kidney cells with C-S8c1. Empty particles, capsids which lack the RNA genome, have also been crystallized for subtypes A22 Iraq 24/64 and A10(61). In almost all cases, crystals suitable for high resolution structure determination were obtained from (NH4)2SO4 or mixtures of polyethylene glycol and NH4Cl.


Journal article


J Mol Biol

Publication Date





1263 - 1268


Aphthovirus, Capsid, Crystallization, Genetic Variation, Mutation, Serotyping, Trypsin, Virion, X-Ray Diffraction