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Data management has emerged as one of the central issues in the high-throughput processes of taking a protein target sequence through to a protein sample. To simplify this task, and following extensive consultation with the international structural genomics community, we describe here a model of the data related to protein production. The model is suitable for both large and small facilities for use in tracking samples, experiments, and results through the many procedures involved. The model is described in Unified Modeling Language (UML). In addition, we present relational database schemas derived from the UML. These relational schemas are already in use in a number of data management projects.

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Journal article



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278 - 284


Algorithms, Amino Acid Sequence, Data Interpretation, Statistical, Databases, Protein, Genomics, Internet, Models, Biological, Programming Languages, Protein Engineering, Proteins, Proteomics, Research, Software, Software Design, Systems Biology, Unified Medical Language System