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Abstract Although the accumulation of lipid rafts at the immunological synapse is now well accepted, the degree of the accumulation, the localization within the fine structure of the immunological synapse, and the region from which lipid rafts are recruited have not been defined. In this work we show that lipid rafts preferentially accumulate in the central zone of the immunological synapse, the central supramolecular activation complex (C-SMAC). However, quantitative analyses indicate that the level of recruitment of lipid rafts to the C-SMAC is relatively small and suggests that rearrangement of lipid rafts from the peripheral zone of the synapse into the C-SMAC can account for this accumulation. We also assessed the effects of CD28 deficiency on lipid raft recruitment to the immunological synapse. The accumulation of lipid occurred independently of the CD28/B7 system and was not measurably altered by CD28.

Original publication




Journal article


The Journal of Immunology


The American Association of Immunologists

Publication Date





2837 - 2841