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The COI Building has a meeting room that can be used by anyone in the building. The meeting room must be booked in advance.

Availability for the COI Meeting Room can be checked on the Resource Booking Page (VPN or network connection needed).

Click here to book the COI Meeting Room

The meeting room can hold up to 14 people in a boardroom set up and up to 30 people in a seminar set up. The room has a large screen with internet access and the ability to connect a laptop for presentations and hybrid meetings.

Please ensure that your event follows the University Code of Practice on Meetings and Events.

Please advise of any visitors here.

If you have booked a room and find that you no longer require the booking, please advise the COI Reception so that it can be rebooked.


Alternative meeting rooms in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics:

- Room A: 35 (seminar) or 16 (boardroom) people

- Room B: 35 (seminar) or 16 (boardroom) people

- Room D: 6 people maximum. Ground Floor

- Room J: 6 people maximum. First Floor

- Room K: 16 people boardroom style. First Floor

To book these rooms, please visit the internal website or contact

Please note:

  • All staff arranging meetings should make it clear that attendees are encouraged to use public transport and that the provision of a visitor's parking permit is an exception rather than a rule. This is in line with the University's parking regulations.
  • When you are using the meeting room, the fire exits must remain clear and unblocked at all times. If you have external visitors, they must be informed of the appropriate emergency procedures. If an external company would like to use the meeting rooms for a meeting connected with the COI, please make sure that this is arranged via the Professional Services Support Team so they are aware of any parking implications, and that all Health and Safety requirements are met.
  • If you have ordered catering for your meeting, please mention this at the time of booking the room, so the layout can be arranged accordingly. Please contact the COI Reception if you would like them to arrange catering for you, this must be done at least 5 working days in advance of the meeting.
  • When requesting any changes to the layout of your booked meeting room, you must add 15 minutes to each end of the booking to allow for setting up and closing down of the rooms. Please be aware there are no building facilities staff on site before 8:30 am or after 6:00 pm to make layout changes.