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Xuetao Cao

Co-Director CAMS Oxford Institute

  • Professor of Immunology


Professor Xuetao Cao is the current President of Nankai University, China and the former President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College until February 2018. Professor Cao was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2005, German Academy of Sciences in 2013 and French Academy of Medicine in 2014. He was President of Chinese Society for Immunology for 8 years (2006.10-2014.10). He is currently the Secretary General of Chinese Society for Immunology (2014.10- ), President of Federation of Immunological Societies in Asia and Oceania FIMSA (2012.5- 2015.6) and President of Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases GACD (2013.12-2015.12).

Research Interests

Professor Xuetao Cao’s major interests are innate response and immune regulation, immunobiology of antigen-presenting cells (dendritic cells, macrophages), and cancer immunotherapy. He has made important contributions to the understanding of signalling pathways in innate immunity and inflammation, identification of immune cell subsets and new immune molecules in immune response and cancer, all of his work was completed in China.

Key Publications

Nuclear hnRNPA2B1 initiates and amplifies the innate immune response to DNA viruses.

Wang L, Wen M, Cao X. Science. 2019

N 6-methyladenosine RNA modification-mediated cellular metabolism rewiring inhibits viral replication.

Liu Y, You Y, Lu Z, Yang J, Li P, Liu L, Xu H, Niu Y, Cao X. Science. 2019

Tet2 promotes pathogen infection-induced myelopoiesis through mRNA oxidation.

Shen Q, Zhang Q, Shi Y, Shi Q, Jiang Y, Gu Y, Li Z, Li X, Zhao K, Wang C, Li N, Cao X. Nature. 2018

Self-Recognition of an Inducible Host lncRNA by RIG-I Feedback Restricts Innate Immune Response.

Jiang M, Zhang S, Yang Z, Lin H, Zhu J, Liu L, Wang W, Liu S, Liu W, Ma Y, Zhang L, Cao X.  Cell. 2018

Increased glucose metabolism in TAMs fuels O-GlcNAcylation of lysosomal Cathepsin B to promote cancer metastasis and chemoresistance.

Shi Q, Shen Q, Liu Y, Shi Y, Huang W, Wang X, Li Z, Chai Y, Wang H, Hu X, Li N, Zhang Q, Cao X. Cancer Cell. 2022