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Hong Shang

Professor of Immunology

Professor Hong Shang received her PhD from Yamanashi Medical University, Japan. Academic contributions have been made in the fields of HIV epidemiology, immunology, virology, and treatment by her group. Shang was the first to describe the epidemic features of HIV among MSM population in China, and proposed a comprehensive prevention and treatment approach. She also discovered novel recombinant viruses and co-identified an intracellular molecule, cofilin, in blood CD4 T cells of HIV patients, as the first molecular marker to quantify HIV-mediated immune dysfunction in blood CD4 T cells. She has also discovered a new HIV-restriction factor, TRABD2A, and described how resting CD4 T cells restrict HIV-1 virion release. Her studies have led to new therapeutic models for a functional cure of HIV infection. Shang discovered biomarkers (eg. microRNAs) predicting HIV rapid disease progression in the early stage of HIV infection, opening up a new approach to the diagnosis and prognosis of HIV-1 infections in clinical laboratories. Shang assessed the effect of hepatitis coinfection on clinical outcomes and adverse effect of antiretroviral therapy, strengthening the recommendation to systematically test all HIV-positive patients for HBV, HCV, and HDV, to expand HBV vaccination, and the access to treatment for viral hepatitis. Shang has published 153 research articles as the first author and the correspondence author in Nature, Nat Immunol, Science Advances, Lancet Infect Dis and etc. Five of her research findings have been authorized with invention patents. She is currently the Director of the Key Laboratory of AIDS Immunology of National Health Commission of China, the Vice President of China Medical University (CMU) and the president of the First Affiliated Hospital of CMU.

International and national prizes have been awarded to Shang, including the French National Academy of Medicine-Servier (2015), HO LEUNG Ho LEE (HLHL) Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress Award (2014), the 2nd place of the National Science and Technology Progress Prize (2007, 2008, 2015), the 1st place of the Liaoning Province Science and Technology Progress Prize (1999, 2004, 2014, 2017).