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Zhengdong Zhao

Zhengdong Zhao

Zhendong Zhao


  • Director of Division of Science and Technology, Institute of Pathogen Biology, CAMS/PUMC

The ongoing research work in my group focuses on the innate immune evasion mechanisms induced by different pathogens, such as EV71, HCV and MERS-CoV etc. and the impact on the host cell protein quality control system, including both autophagy and ERAD pathways, upon the viral infection, the cross talk between pathogen initiated innate signaling pathway and autophagy as well. In addition, my group also works on applying forward genetic approach (Validation-based insertional mutagenesis) to identify host factors that affect virus replication and reverse vaccinology strategy to screen potential mycobacteria antigens or adjuvants recognized by γδT cells. Finished work has been published on PloS Pathog, Autophagy etc.