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Henry Laurenson-Schafer

DPhil Student

I am a final year D Phil Student working in the Tao Dong group, based at the Human Immunology Unit (HIU) in the WIMM. My work focuses on IFITM3, a gene involved in innate antiviral immunity. I am particularly interested in the genetics of this gene; we have shown in the past that certain IFITM3 alleles are risk factors with respect to severe viral disease. I am currently investigating the mechanism of action behind one IFITM3 known as rs12252. I also work on the broader effects of this SNP on innate immne signalling during viral infection. I use a combination of in-vitro and computational approaches to investigate this. As part of my project, I collaborate with researchers at the Beijing You'An hospital, working on patient samples from the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. 

I obtained my BSc from Imperial College London, while assisting in the Rachel McMullan lab.