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Below are details of the awarded projects from 2018 onwards


Project Supervisor Student
Genomic instability and oncogenic driver mutations underpin B cell-rich tertiary lymphoid structures associated with tumour-specific antibodies in colorectal cancer Isabela Pedroza-Pacheco Fengyun Zhong

Development of machine learning approaches to integrate multi-dimensional, single cell and spatial proteomic data for cancer analytics in the human brain Roman Fischer Yixin Shi
Discovery of potent agonist peptides for tumour-reactive T cells. /Project 2:  Enhancing anti-tumor T cell function by controlled inhibition of checkpoint receptor signaling Ricardo Fernandes Yunkai Yang
Assessing the evidence for introducing cardiac screening in pregnancy: are the criteria for a screening programme fulfilled? Marian Knight Ling Tao
Using spatial transcriptomics and in vitro profiling to develop new cancer treatments through understanding the role of ageing fibroblasts in immune responses to cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Matthew Bottomley Zehua Li
Modulating myeloid metabolism to moderate age-related chronic inflammation Roel De Maeyer Haichen Hu
Imaging HIV-1 nuclear import by in situ cryo-tomography and correlative microscopy Peijun Zhang Chengan Lyu
Deciphering the role of glycocalyx remodeling enzymes in human T-cell immunity. Project 19: Studying the cell-intrinsic and exogenous roles of peptidyl arginine deiminase 4 in T-cell immunity Pablo Cespedes Kexin Yu
Targeting Deubiquitylating Enzymes for Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapies Adan Pinto-Fernandez Haofeng Chen


Project Supervisor Student
Immunopathogenesis of COVID-19 in the lung Xin Lu Xu Liu


Project Supervisor Student
Analyses of paired host-virus genomic data to understand disease heterogeneity of viral infections Azim Ansari Zhiqing Wang
Asymmetric cell division and metabolism in antigen-specific / old/ young human T cells Katya Simon / Teresa Lambe Lin Luo
A multi-omic approach to investigating the host response to severe infection Julian Knight Hanyu Qin


Project Supervisor Student
The role of zinc in immune function Richard Cornall Jie Yan
Measuring lung inhomogeneity using a novel non-invasive technique to phenotype airways diseases Ian Pavord Haopeng Xu
Personalised immunotherapy treatment to manage malignant pleural effusion progression (the TAILOR study) Najib Rahman / Nikolaos Kanellakis Yu Zhao
Modelling of non-typeable haemophilus influenzae / rhinovirus interactions in lower airways inflammation in mouse and human Tim Hinks Yuqing Long
Describing peripheral T cell responses to immunotherapy Mark Middleton Fei Gao
Study of broadly protective human monoclonal antibodies to influenza neuraminidases Alain Townsend / Pramila Rijal Leiyan Wei
Exploring the basis of cardiac remodelling in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: the role of the immune system Hugh Watkins Anan Huang
Defining the relationship between DNA repair deficiency, STING and ENPP1 Eileen Parkes Songliang Du

2019 Intake

Project Supervisor Student
The threshold of B cell activation Richard Cornall Jianwei Cui
Elucidating the role of tissue-resident immune cells in alveolar epithelial regeneration and lung fibrosis Ling-Pei Ho Tian Hu
Regulating the tumour microenvironment by p53 signalling pathways Xin Lu Yu Jin
Characterisation of sympathetic neurons and cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells and their therapeutic mechanism David Paterson Ni Li
Genomics of host susceptibility to severe infection Julian Knight Weifeng Li
Development of a universal vaccine protecting from dengue and zika viruses infection Gavin Screaton Chang Liu
HLA-E restricted HIV-specific CD8 T cells Andrew McMichael Hong Sun
Alteration in stress granule assembly in motor neurons carrying TDP-43 mutations Kevin Talbot Yinyan Xu
Super-resolution imaging and CRISPR-CAS9 targeting of the abnormal bone marrow microenvironment in myeloproliferative neoplasms Adam Mead Zhiyan Xu
Unbiased Molecular Definition of Epithelial Barrier Defects Driving Inflammatory Bowel Disease Alison Simmons Zinan Yin

 2018 Intake

Project Supervisor Student
Study of antigen processing and presentation of Tumor antigen recognised by spontaneous T cell responses in cancer patients. Tao Dong
Wenbo Wang
Role of ubiquitination in regulating the inflammasome. Benedikt Kessler Zhu Liang
The genomic analysis of biomedical big data. Gil McVean Yidong Zhang
Globin gene regulation and thalassaemia therapy Doug Higgs Siyu Liu
Chromatin Remodelling and Gene Expression Richard Gibbons Yuqi Shen