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New for 2023, this course, led by Professor Sir Muir Gray and Dr Anant Jani, aims to provide PUMC graduate students with an introduction to value-based healthcare. There are four aspects of value that aim to improve patient care and management of medical institutions:

-        personal value - appropriate care to achieve a patient’s personal goals  

-        technical value - achievement of best possible outcomes with available resources  

-        allocative value - equitable resource distribution across all populations and within each population across all                                           patient groups 

-        social value - contribution of healthcare to social participation and connectedness 

Blue circles of increasing size with 'efficacy of treatment or measure' in the centre, then 'evidence-based', then 'cost-effectiveness', then 'quality & safety, then 'efficiency' and finally 'value' encompassing all other sections

This course provides information on the practical steps individuals can take as clinical researchers to implement the inclusion of these values in their practice.

Students are asked to write one essay at the end of the course on how they see value-based healthcare being applied in care pathways or within healthcare organisations in China.