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Researcher Development

Here at COI, we recognise the need to encourage our researchers to develop their skills and strengths in all aspects of their role. In addition to the training and support offered by the University, which can be found below, we are constantly striving to identify gaps in training or development opportunities.

As part of our collaboration efforts with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), we also provide training programmes for students and staff across China.

Oxford University Training Opportunities

Medical Science Skills training

Researcher hub support for researcher staff

People & Organisational Development provide courses in a range of topics

Training & Development providers for staff

Careers Service

LinkedIn Learning: access a huge library of online courses with your University single-sign on

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Signed in 2021, the Concordat is an agreement between employers of researchers and research funders on the expectations for the professional development and employment conditions of researchers in the UK.

Please see the University action plan for more information - Concordat to Support Career Development of Researchers: Action Plan 2022-2025

It has three overarching goals:  

1. Creating a research environment that is supportive, inclusive, and equitable  

2. Recognising and valuing the diverse contributions of researchers  

3. Supporting researchers to achieve a range of career goals