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Over 2014-2015, several postdoctoral and graduate students at the CTI have furthered their experience and training through exchange visits with partner institutions overseas.

Oxford trainees from research groups in Oxford led by Professors Tao Dong, Graham Ogg and Sarah Rowland-Jones made several visits to Oxford’s joint labs in the Xinjiang Tumour Hospital and the Beijing You’an hospital, helping to run joint projects. Visitors included Yanchun Peng, Xi Li, Xuan Yao, Shokouh Makvandi-Nejad and Henry Laurenson-Schafer from Professor Tao Dong’s lab, Sophie Andrews from Professor Rowland-Jones lab and Maryam Salimi from Professor Ogg’s lab.
Chinese trainees visiting Oxford included Clinical Fellows and students from the Beijing You’an hospital, the Ditan hospital in Beijing, Beijing university, the Beijing Centre for Disease Control and the Xinjiang Tumour Hospital - Drs Zhao, Wang, Qin, Liu, Zhao, Hu, Yang and Song, worked with research groups headed by Professors Dong, Ogg, Townsend and McMichael for extended periods, ranging from four to twelve months.
These exchange and training visits were facilitated by CTI seed funding, and through generous support provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council and various partner institutes in China.
Exchange students and postdocs in lab
Maryam Salimi, Xuan Yao and Yunhui Hu in one of the joint Oxford labs in China