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The first COI Researcher Network meeting was held at Malmaison Hotel, Oxford, on Tuesday 29th November 2022.

The meeting aimed to connect CAMS-Oxford Institute researchers from across the Medical Sciences Division and create a feeling of community. We welcomed 60 researchers, 48% of which were primarily based in institutes & buildings other than COI, for an engaging day of networking and scientific talks.

The day kicked off with a game to confirm the message that networking was a key aim for the day. Each attendee was given one piece of a puzzle. They then had to find the other 11 people that made up their 12-piece puzzle. This got everyone on their feet and filled the room with a buzz of excitement ready for the start of the scientific program.

Organisers were thrilled that a large proportion of attendees, 42%, wanted to share details of their research projects with the group. Talks were either a 12-minute Scientific Report or a 3-minute Flash Talk. While there was time for questions after each Scientific Report, the Flash Talks were used as an opportunity to garner interest in a particular topic, method, or person, leading to lots of further engagement during the refreshment breaks.

At the end of the scientific program the audience voted for their favourite Scientific Report and Flash Talk of the day in an anonymous poll. The winner of best Scientific Report was Peter Wing (McKeating Lab, NDMRB); with Victoria Junghans (Fernandes Lab, COI), Christina Heroven (Fernandes Lab, COI) & Felice Tsang (Higgs Lab, WIMM) as joint runners-up. The winner of best Flash Talk was Jie Yan (Cornall Lab, WHG); with Fei Gao (Dong & Ogg Labs, COI/WIMM) as runner up.

The perfect event to promote interactions between researchers. Providing a space to discuss science in a supportive environment. 
- Dr Ricardo Fernandes, COI Group Leader


The event culminated in a delicious 3-course dinner, providing one final opportunity to socialise.

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive with the standout word of ‘informative’. Many researchers are already asking when the next meeting will happen. All we can say is… watch this space!




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