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During a visit to Oxford in December 2016, President Xuetao Cao from CAMS and Professor Richard Cornall from Medical Science Division signed a letter of intention in order to expand current collaboration areas.

The letter was formally approved by Professor Louise Richardson at a later date. The paragraphs in the letter focus on launching the CAMS Institute in Oxford in medical research, education, and management. The letter also outlines the route of building the platform for world-leading innovation, the base for global talents cultivation, and the bridgehead for collaboration of global reputation. Hoping to expand the existing model of collaboration in biomedical research. CAMS and Oxford hope that the scientists, students and faculties can have better opportunities in learning and communicating at the joint institute under the guidance of the world-renowned principle investigators affiliated with the institute.
Back row: Darren Nash, Jeremy Farrar, Chris Conlon, Tao Dong, Vincenzo Cerendolo, Andrew McMichael, Jianwei Wang. Front: Richard Cornall and Xuetao Cao
Signing the Letter of Intention.
L-R Back: Darren Nash, Jeremy Farrar, Chris Conlon, Tao Dong, Enzo Cerundolo, Andrew McMichael and Jianwei Wang.
Front: Richard Cornall and Xuetao Cao