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World-Class Biomedical Innovation Centre

Building plansThe joint institute will support the multiple research interests include but not limited to: immunological research and intervention related with disease such as malignant tumor, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, infectious disease; Strategies and applications for disease control and prevention, such as immunotherapy, stem cell and regenerative medicine, microbiome, and precision medicine; Interdisciplinary research in bio-medical sciences, including big-data application in biomedical research, bioinformatics, computing biology, molecular imaging and so on so forth. The cutting-edge research at the institute can showcase the effort in inter-disciplinary and international partnership.  

New Model for Global Collaboration

FF00003.jpegThe joint institute will surely generate impact in promoting the collaboration between scientists around the globe. Utilizing the resources provided by CAMS and Oxford, students, faculties and scientists will have more access the projects and data with greater flexibility in collaboration.




Base of Talent Cultivation and Acquisition

Students at graduationAs a base for cultivating talents, the joint institute will take the leading role in training top-tier scientists for both CAMS and Oxford. Non-Chinese scientists may have found difficult in connecting the researchers and projects in China under the complexity of policy and legal framework. But with the institute’s talent cultivation and acquisition model, those scientists will be able to be have positions and they could enjoy the resources provided by both Oxford and CAMS. The mechanism also permits joint degree program for students who wish to receive medical education in CAMS and Oxford.