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The CAMS Oxford Institute is a strategic partner for Medical Sciences in Oxford.

Radcliffe Camera view


Research Fellows and research staff are hired by either CAMS if based in China, or Oxford University if based in the UK at Oxford. There are two types of employees, those who are employed fully as an Institute fellow, and those who are affiliated though CAMS or Oxford as an active investigator receiving research funding, and thereby commit a part of their time to an Institute funded project.


CAMS provide programmatic support including staff and no-staff costs, for equipment and start-up funding. Oxford provide the venues and spaces for research, administration, and management, and equal access to facilities for fellows of the institute to the existing employees of Oxford. Both parties will seek to develop and apply for further funding.


A board consisting of delegates from CAMS and Oxford has been established and responsible for major decision making of the joint institute. A scientific committee has been established to guide the research and provide consultation for research fellows. An administration office relying on existing administration system of Oxford has been established for day-to-day activities.

Next Step

The joint institute launched in 2018. As the seeds, a handful of principle investigators from CAMS and Oxford joined the institute based on the MoU.