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Sir Muir Gray


Population Health Developer

Muir is a Director of the Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme  He developed the concept of value based healthcare after setting up the Centre for Evidence based Medicine in Oxford because it became clear that evidence based healthcare was necessary but not sufficient to meet the challenge posed by the challenge posed by the fact that increasing need and  demand for healthcare outstripping resources His work focuses on providing training and skills development to healthcare professionals in value-based and population healthcare. The mission of the Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme is to enable governments, and health services develop the skills and confidence to create value-based healthcare.

He has had an interest in what happens to us as we live longer and has established the Optimal Ageing programme at Oxford. This is based on a new scientific paradigm about the inter-relationships of ageing, fitness, disease and social factors based on strong evidence on what can be done to influence the three factors other than ageing.

Sir Muir has worked for the National Health Service in England since 1972, occupying a variety of senior positions during that time, including serving as the Director of Research and Development for Anglia and Oxford Regional Health Authority, and first establishing and then being the Director of the UK National Screening Committee. He founded the National Library for Health, was the Director of Clinical Knowledge, Process, and Safety for the NHS (England) National Programme for IT, serving as the Director of the National Knowledge Service.  He was the first person to hold the post of Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS (England) and was the first Secretary of the Cochrane Collaboration and spoke at the opening of the Chinese Cochrane Centre in Chengdu.